Important Note:

We would like to advise you, to be extremely careful while corresponding with any company or individual over the Internet. Though there are many respectable online businesses there are even more which are fraudulent and exist only to phish personal information from unsuspecting web users. To be fully protected while taking advantage of the real opportunities the Internet offers, we strongly recommend avoiding transactions with sites that DO NOT display a legal company name, address, phone numbers, fax, or tax ID information. If you have any doubts or uncertainty, or if terms and conditions are unclear or confusing, do not hesitate to cease any and all correspondence. Only trust web-based companies that provide VERIFIABLE contact information. Also if someone is corresponding with you they should provide their full name, title if it is professional correspondence and at least one alternative method of contact other than an e-mail address such as a direct phone line.

  1. Travel Companies, Travel Agents or individuals claiming to be members of renowned International Tourism Organizations such as:
    PATA, ICCA, ASTA, UFTAA, MPI, SITE, ISES, ITMA, EFAPCO etc, must actually be registered with those Organizations. by verifying that they are members in good standing you can be assured of the quality of services they offer.
  2. If a company does not use the SSL (secure sockets layer payment system), do not perform payment transactions with that company over the internet. Any time you are requested to submit sensitive credit card or bank information first check that the company uses the SSL. There are two ways:
    1. At the top of the page on which you are asked to enter your personal and credit card data, the URL must begin with https://. The s at the end of https signifies that the SSL, really exists for the portal you have been directed to.
    2. At the bottom of the same page a graphic of a padlock appears, which, when you click on it, leads to a page verifying that the company is certified and giving the full name of the organization, which granted the authorization.
  3. We strongly recommend you be extremely cautious with any individual or company you authorize to charge your credit card. Notify your bank immediately should you suspect or notice any irregularity that might mean your account has been compromised so any unauthorized charges can be cancelled.
  4. Make certain that the company or individual you purchase goods or services from is a licensed business that issues tax admissible receipts. A Tourism Organization should hold appropriate permits issued in accord to regulations set by their N.T.O (National Tourism Organization).
  5. Never send your personal credit card data via a simple email, it offers no security for your information. Whenever you make an online transaction, we recommend you immediately print the following:
    • Company's full data
    • Exact sum of money you authorized the Company, to draw from your credit card.
    • Specific Service for which you are paying that sum of money (for example 1 double room at X Hilton for 3 nights)
  6. Be very cautious with individuals or companies with generic email addresses i.e. :
    • Person/
    • Person/
    • Person/
    • Person/
    • Person/

Anybody can obtain such an email address without physical verification of their identity or location, then delete it after a brief period because there is no contractual commitment, even after having embezzled money from unsuspecting web users.

If you have any doubts concerning a company soliciting your business, you should check it through InterNIC, the only internationally authorized global domain name registry. Through this Organization you may also verify if the company really exists, under what name the registration took place, the date of registration and the company contact information.

Just to provide an example of what we mean, we welcome you to check out our Organization via the following links:

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  7. Our Sites
  8. Headquarters
  9. SSL Server
  10. Printable Version of Request form
  11. Official Licence from the Greek N.T.O (Greek National Tourist Organization Licence No: 04194)

It is always wise to err on the side of caution when dealing with individuals or companies for the first time. Promises which appear too good to be true usually are.

If you have doubts, but you have already proceeded with the authorization of a charge to your credit card, contact the service provider you have booked directly to verify that the individual or company is authorized to book on their behalf. In the event that the service has never heard of the individual or company request your bank stop payment immediately. You should also inform the authorities and the corresponding N.T.O of the country in which you requested the service in order to protect your legal rights as well as those of other unsuspecting victims of such fraud.